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DBxtra .NET ver. 10 Released

November 14, 2017 DBxtra .NET ver. 10.0.0 New: General New Designer menus; icons changed. Offline mode, DBxtra can now work with offline data, improving loading time of slow and large queries. New menu bar icon designs and additional design changes – improved support for touch screens and high DPI screens. The Designer, Secure Desktop Viewer […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.3 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.3 New: Designer Data loading can be stopped and the partial results used for designing Data Grids, Pivot Grids, reports and Dashboards. Moving from Report Type  to another Report Type (Data Grid to Pivot Grid to Report to Dashboard) now doesn’t require to reload the data again; once a dataset is loaded […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.2.1 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.2.1 New: Designer The server field was made wider in the Active Directory configuration window. Report Web Service Users can change their own password in the Report Web Service. Bugs fixed: Designer  When the DB2 ODBC driver is being used, the list of libraries is being ignored and all the available libraries […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.2.0 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.2.0 New: General The data grid now supports Excel style conditional formatting. Consolidated Parameters: Now parameters in additional data sources can be configured to be inherited. Oracle data connections can use the fully managed Oracle driver (which doesn’t need anything else installed to run). We’ve added support for Informix in 64 bits […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.1.0 Released

April 11, 2016 New: General Export to Excel individual dashboards elements. Enhanced compatibility of Date Functions with Oracle 8. Report Designer New, easy to use report – sub-report drill down functionality. Now you can change the name of the file when saving the report to a file for the Free Viewer. Dashboard Designer Performance improvements, now […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.0.0 Released

December 10, 2015 DBxtra .NET ver. 9.0.0 New: Report Web Service The Report Web Service now is now fully responsive, to work on all kind of devices, especially mobile ones. Learn more about the Report Web Service version 9. IMPORTANT! Before switching the new Report Web Service responsive interface, please read here. Sessions model was […]

DBxtra ver. 8.2.3 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.3 Bugs fixed: Report Designer DBxtra doesn’t import all the groups and users from Active Directory. The Project Explorer doesn’t update itself after saving a report object when Active Directory is enabled. The object comments appear without line breaks on the parameter window. On Microsoft Access data connections, the controls move upwards […]

Best Report Writer and Best Support Available

I would like to share a recent customer testimonial: Best Report Writer and Best Support Available We did a substantial amount of market testing before deciding on which product to settle on. We needed to improve the quality of our reports, make data easier to understand for our end users and reduce the development time […]

DBxtra ver. 8.2.2 Released

New: Report Designer New Excel data export engine, it improves speed and memory usage and now supports tighter integration with Excel. The field list on the pivot grid now supports 3 different modes, including an Excel like field list. The report designer now has a spark line control. The report now have sub-bands, which allow […]

View DBxtra Information Reports form within MS Excel

Now the DBxtra XL Reporting Service besides being able to view real-time data will also allow you to run reports and dashboard from within Excel. Watch the video: Download Your Free DBxtra Trial from here! Learn more about the DBxtra XL Reporting Service!


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