Secure Desktop Report Viewer

Open any Report assigned
to the User Group you belong to

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DBxtra Secure Desktop Report Viewer - Open secured Reports

Open the DBxtra Designer and log in with the credentials as a defined DBxtra Viewer user to run in Viewer mode where you can work with reports assigned to the user group you belong to.

The end-user needs to authenticate as a Report Viewer user with a user name and password and the DBxtra Designer will open in Report Viewer mode.
All Data Grids, Pivot Grids and Reports assigned to the user group the user belongs to are then available.

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System Requirements

  • Processor 2Ghz
  • 2GB RAM

Pricing & Licensing

See pricing here.

  • The DBxtra Desktop Report Viewer can be installed on as many PC's as you need.
  • You need to have at least 1 DBxtra Designer license and a Report Web Service license to view reports.
  • Users count as named Report Web Service users.