Design & Deploy Reports and Dashboards in Minutes
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Design and Deploy Reports & Dashboards in Minutes

Are you interested in bringing web based business intelligence ad-hoc reporting to your business?
Now you can, and best of all, with DBxtra you don’t need to be a programmer to design, manage and distribute reports. You’ll have complete control over data querying, filtering, expressions, report formatting, and report behavior.

DBxtra Report Designer – Design, manage and distribute reports and interactive dashboards

  • Report from unlimited databases located locally, on the LAN or on the Internet.
  • Create queries and reports without SQL or programming skills.
  • Create interactive reports, charts, data grids and pivot tables.
  • Design even the most complex and compelling reports in minutes.
  • Distribute reports without additional effort to the secured  Report Web Service where end-users only require a web browser to run reports.
  • Save valuable report design time.

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DBxtra Dashboard Designer – Design interactive web-based dashboards

  • The Dashboard Designer is part of the DBxtra Designer module.
  • Create interactive Dashboards with drag and drop interface.
  • Design filter and drill-down Dashboards in formats like charts, pies, gauges, cards, grids and pivots.
  • You can also create Dashboards with interactive cross-data filters from various different data-sources.
  • Export and print your Dashboards with a single click.
  • Deploy Dashboards automatically with the Report Web Service or embed into web-pages with a single line of code.

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DBxtra Report Web Service – Automate report deployment to a centralized secured report repository

  • Deploy secured reports to a centralized report repository on your Intranet or on the web.
  • Manage security, user groups; users and report privileges.
  • End-users can open reports with just a web browser, with nothing to install on the end-user side.
  • Embed reports into your web page.
  • Export and e-mail reports to the most common output formats such as PDF, Excel and RTF.
  • Filter, sort and bookmark reports.

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DBxtra Schedule Server – Automatic execution of repetitive reporting tasks

  • Program scheduled actions to be executed automatically.
  • Send reports and alert users by e-mail.
  • Deliver merged business reports to customers and business contacts.
  • Upload reports to an FTP Server.
  • Export reports periodically.
  • Automatically print reports.

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DBxtra XL Reporting Service – Access all your report data from within ©Microsoft Excel in real-time mode

  • Insert the report objects data into Excel as a:
    • Static Sheet
    • Live – Real Time Sheet
    • Inserts a live real time connected data set into Excel.
    • Live – Real Time Pivot Table
  • Retrieve your most recent Data by clicking the Refresh button.
  • Your Data Connection strings are encrypted and not visible to end-users. This makes it secure to deploy XL Reporting Service Excel files to end-users.

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