DBxtra - Easy-To-Use Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool!

Develop and launch reports and dashboards rapidly, within minutes rather than hours.

Simplify your ad-hoc reporting with DBxtra that makes it easy to generate and deploy sophisticated custom reports & dashboards quickly and efficiently!

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Design Reports and Dashboards in Minutes

The Report Designer simplifies the process of creating database connections, queries, reports and dashboards, enabling users to have full command over data filtering, field expressions, end-user input parameters, report formatting, and report behavior.
This web-reporting platform also allows users to generate multiple report outputs at once, such as Data Grids, Pivot Grids, Printable Reports, and interactive Dashboards.

Learn more: Report Designer | Dashboard Designer

Automatic Information Deployment

DBxtra offers various automatic deployment options for your reports, such as the Free Desktop Report Viewer, a web-based Report Web Service that enables secure and interactive report access via a web browser, scheduled Report delivery through automatic scheduling via Schedule Server, and Excel Reporting Service that allows live data consumption within Microsoft Excel.

Learn more: Report Web Service | Schedule Server | Excel Reporting Service

Easy to Learn & Use

Within minutes of downloading and installing our reporting tool, you can begin generating reports and dashboards using its user-friendly drag and drop functionality.

Flexible & Powerful

With its high degree of flexibility and robust reporting capabilities, this reporting software empowers users to create and deploy information reports and dashboards that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Provides an accelerated ROI

DBxtra is a cost-effective solution that does not require any additional hardware or software, resulting in a fast return on investment.

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Create Professional Reports Quickly with DBxtra - Download for Free Now!

The trial version is fully operational, with access to multiple sample reports and dashboards.
Additionally, you have the capability to connect to your databases and generate your own reports.

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