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Report Web Service - Automatically Deploy Web reports

Open Secured Reports with a Web Browser.

The DBxtra Report Web Service enables you to deploy and share web reports designed with the DBxtra Report Designer allowing end-users to interact with data grids, pivot tables, charts and reports on a secured web interface.


  • The user interface can be personalized to your company image and also be translated to any language.
  • Once a report is designed it is automatically deployed and accessible for the user groups with privileges.
  • The end user can open reports with just a web browser.
  • Logon securely with DBxtra credentials.
  • Work with various reports at the same time.
  • Open anonymous reports where no user login is required.
  • Embed reports into your Web site by inserting a single line of code provided by the DBxtra  WEB REPORT WIDGET
  • Filter and sort reports.
  • Search for information.
  • Bookmark, save and single-click access your favorite data grids and reports .
  • Preview and print reports.
  • Export reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, CSV, Image files and XML.

DBxtra Report Web Service Options:

DBxtra offers two versions of the Report Web Service.

1.) Report Web Service – DBxtra Server (DBXS)

Although you can use it as an Internet facing Web Server we recommend it for Intranet use only. 
Its robustness and security schema are not as sophisticated as the Internet Information Server – IIS. 
The DBxtra Server (DBXS) is automatically installed during the DBxtra setup process.

2.) Report Web Service – Internet Information Server (IIS)

Recommended for stronger security requirements especially for Internet facing Web Servers and also for high user concurrency.

You can choose which Report Web Service version to use. Report Web Service License required.)

System Requirement

  • Processor 1Ghz
  • 2GB RAM
  • The Report Web Service has to be installed either on an Internet Information Server (IIS) or on the internal DBxtra Web Server.
  • Browser: IE6+, Firefox 2+ and almost any other web browser is supported.

Pricing & Licensing

See pricing here.


  • The DBxtra Report Web Service is licensed on a named user base (NUL).
  • Only named users can access the Report Web Service via a web browser.
  • You need to have at least 1 DBxtra Designer license to be able to utilize the Report Web Service.

This product requires an active subscription license to Developer Express Inc.’s Universal Subscription.

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