DBxtra Customer Testimonials

What some of our customers have to say about DBxtra

We’ve been looking for a reporting tool that has the flexibility for end users to modify the query criteria, sorting, and grouping data. DBxtra’s data grid just provides all these capabilities. And it is easy to use. This is a great product and I recommend it to other users.

Jerry Liu, Sr. Data Architect at University of Texas School of Public Health

The best standalone reporting/bussiness intelligence tool

I’m amazed about how DBxtra makes the creation of reports and dashboards easy even for non-technical people, yet, you can make full use of your technical expertise if you need to.

Gabriel Pedraza, Technical Advisor at Para Facturas

A few years ago I setup DBxtra for a consulting client of mine as it was a very nice and affordable solution. They loved it and since then I have recommended it to every client and installed and used it many more times to solve all types of reporting, dash-boarding and data delivery issues. It is simple to setup, easy to use, and full of great features. Plus their support is second to none (and I work with a lot of software vendors). I would highly recommend this product.

Joshua Watson at IronRock Software, Inc

Overall we are very pleased with DBxtra. The tool meets most of our users needs and when we have problems, customer service is very responsive to our needs. Our users love the flexibility the reporting tool provides!

Erica Connell at NYS Dept of Health

We deliver mobile computing solutions on iPad and Android tablets and have been using DBxtra for nearly 10 years as our chosen reporting tool. It is easy to use and capable of connecting to multiple Database platforms. The web reporting and scheduler enable us and our clients to access valuable up to date information about their field operations activities and for us to automatically deliver scheduled management reports by email in order to provide highly pro-active information to managers. Overall DBxtra is a simple to use but powerful reporting tool without the complexity of other far more expensive solutions.

Nigel Brown, CEO at InfoMagellan Limited

DBxtra rocks!

A very easy to use report designing software with an intranet reporting web service where all of your employees can access any report depending on their user group rights. The software comes along with a schedule server where you can automatically send reports to printers or mailboxes at certain times. Active Directory Authentication would be very appreciated for future releases.

Marco Kohns, IT Engineer at Richter Aluminium GmbH

Easiest Intranet Report Tool.

In Our Company we use it for displaying almost 30 different AS400 Queries in out Intranet. The big advantage is the flexibility in complex Report programming. It is very easy to but our own code with only little knowledge of visual basic. Response Time of customer Service is surprising fast and efficient. Even remote support was possible. After some installation Problems DBxtra runs 24 hours for almost on year continuous.

Gerhard Nentwich, IT-Manager at FIEGE Austria GmbH

So far we are satisfied with the performance of DBxtra team, because it always develop new innovations to suit customer needs. We always look forward to you to be able to continue to help us especially in case of large data query speeds and another thing to schedule server please more developed not only raw data that can be emailed but also report/dash board.

S Daniel, IT Head at Cipta Mortar Utama, PT

DBxtra – Excellent value for money!

DBxtra BI Suite with the enhanced Dashboard functionality represents provides great value for money. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and has great flexibility when it comes to developing reports.

Malcolm Morrison, Managing Director at Bradgate Pty Ltd

So far DBxtra has met our needs in a 1500 plus member business, using multiple databases for our reporting needs. DBxtra’s support staff provide a high level of service and are very knowledgeable about their products and responsive to customer needs.

Todd Butcher, Web Developer at Pinnacle Capital Mortgage

Golden Corral has been using the DBxtra reporting tool for at least 6 years. For small shops such as ours, it greatly increases productivity by providing a truly non programming environment IDE for creating visually appealing reports. Our end users use the reporting server daily to access reports and pass parameter filters to custom select report data. The scheduler is also a tool we rely on daily to produce and email reports to a variety of departments within the company. As the software manager, my very first requirement of a new programmer in my department is to learn DBxtra.

Michael Hamlett, Mgr of Tech and Web at Golden Corral

DBxtra – The right application, the right features at the right price!

We have been using DBxtra for over a year now. It performs well and has become a standard in our organization. We researched many products and found that virtually all others were outside of our price range or too low on features to work. We wanted a tool that did not take a developer to run and manage. A tool that created rich web reports with the usual exports. DBxtra simply does it all it even will schedule reports to be run and sent as emails (very handy).

Rex Klein, CEO at Barryhund Administrators Inc.

Great tool for custom reports!

A powerful, easy to use, custom reporting tool. Dbxtra can work with multiple databases and data files and is very easy to work with. The report designed and report web service are both powerful and user-friendly. A must for ant IT department who needs to generate custom reports to complement and enhance their business systems’ data visibility.

Avner Barber at Mad Engine Inc.

A user friendly tool!

We have used DBxtra for several years and with multiple Databases. We find it to be very user friendly and intuitive to use. It provides a simple, quick and efficient way to query data.

Annie Young at KQF

As a consulting firm, we are always looking for software to use in our projects and make our life easier. We came across DBxtra like 6 years ago, and since then it has solved a lot of our problems. Our customers usually have the data, but they need a simple and affordable way to analyze it. That´s were DBxtra comes in with simple reporting, graphics, dynamic tables, and what I like the most, schedule server. For us, that´s what the customer wants, not depending on anyone for his data. The only thing I wanted them to include, was a dashboard, and they have already done it. In a few words, all our customers and ourselves, feel that we got a lot of value for what we paid.

Roderick Guerra, Partner at Baker Tilly

have been using DBXTRA since v1 until now (v8) , almost nothing issues on techincal and support side , DBXTRA is very easy to used and support team is very quick in respon.

Dody Triyanto, Sales tracking and automation report at Water Drink company

We’ve been using DBxtra for nearly a year and have found it to be an invaluable tool. It has really allowed our project to progress rapidly by providing a fast way to write custom reports and provide access to helpful business intelligence data on the fly. We love the dashboard reports! Showing our clients interactive data visualization with real-time data has been a god-send. We reviewed several possible solutions before deciding on DBxtra. It has outperformed all them from ease of set-up, ease of use and cost. We highly recommend it.

Bob Brown, VP of Creative Services at Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising, Inc.

This Report Tool rocks; any database data we have has just come alive for us. The best data report application available, and you do not need to know a like of code. So those costly programmers with their customized reports are a thing of the past. Well done DBxtra!!!
Stephen Knights – Commulynx

We were in a tight bind when a new client was requesting reports that our old system wasn’t able to produce. We were fortunate to come across DBxtra which saved the day. This program was able to connect to our database and in less than an hour we were already creating the reports that our client wanted. Thanks DBxtra! Robert Moore – www.adrearubin.com

A brilliant reporting tool that makes my day to day work so much easier. Clients are amazed when ad hoc queries that in the past either took ages (or never got done) are on their desk in minutes. The other super feature is the support. Fast accurate help from people who are obviously passionate about their product. Well done.
Bryan Miller – www.akira.com

DBxtra? How did we manage without it? It’s just like having a box of magic dust on your desktop.
Bryan Miller – Akira UK Ltd

DBxtra helped us gather valuable business intelligence from different databases spread over various web servers at different locations. If you need knowledge instead of data and information, we highly recommend you have a look at this tool….
an Van der Reis – Ayohui

A great way to bring together data which was virtually impossible to analyses before.
Erik Siedler – bigpond.net.au

Since we are still in the implementation of our ERP system we are testing and learning quite a lot with DBxtra (what kind of data we have to put into our database). We really start to understand that we can control our processes only, if we analyze them later. Until now we are really very pleased with the support and the quality of DBxtra; a stable product and great support
supportAndreas Huebner – CADFEM

Thanks again and a Great Reporting Product you have.
Chris – Carlen Enterprises

Copart Auto Auctions Thanks so much for the help! You guys have been great in support!
Bruce McPherson – www.copart.com

I know I’m just scratching the surface with the work I’ve done today, but I have to tell you what a fantastic product you have. I think I’m in love with itl.Joel Sears
Joel Sears – www.ftisystems.com

It’s a great small business reporting service. Easy to install and maintain, easy to write reports. I really like the choice provided with grids and pivot tables.
Anthony Hassard – Impact Merchandising

This product gives me a fast and easy to use way of accessing my database. This is a facility that my Database provider only offers in a more technical manner. I trained an operator whose only real experience is with Excel in one morning and she is know up to speed on most functions that I require.
Keith Kellandwww. www.jazzland.co.uk

I started using DBxtra because of the easiness I could prepare the reports and deploy them for users with no training at all. Now I am very happy with the fast development of new features in the new versions, while keeping the easiness both for design and use of the reports.
Cyro Pezzo – www.localfrio.com.br

A great report tool, easy to use by the end-user, which helps us to process “On demand” MS Access reporting.
Misty Meadows – Martine Jones

I’ve been working with data analysis and reporting tools for a “long time” and can tell you that I’m very impressed with the product functionality and how you created the solution with a focus on ease of use for non-technical users, especially the seamless integration between the desktop development and the web environment. I like how you’ve leveraged the different components to create the solution, providing a lot of functionality at just the right price point. Thanks for making my life much easier 🙂 Charles – www.pstgi.com

I really like this product. I didn’t need to read any getting started guide or help file to get going. The workspace just guided me! Also, the reporting application really felt like the person who designed the product used the product like I do. That was refreshing.
Debbie Peabodywww.peabodysi.com

DBxtra saves me 70% of the time and gives more accuracy; instead of explaining to the programmers what I want I can do it on my own, and then talk to the programmers.
www.punkt.de GmbH

DBxtra is great software: It is easy to use, learn and understand. It fulfils its intended purpose and satisfies my/our needs. As I am a programmer too, I know how hard it is to satisfy every customer.
Marco Kohns – www.richter- aluminium.com

I solved a report for my controller that usually took me 1 day in 1 minute. Now my technicians know what to attend every week, since DB Reporter is sending the message automatically every Monday.
Teksar – Teksar Labs S.A. de C.V.

Cheap and Easy

DBxtra has been a great value. Typically I can design and deploy a relatively complex management report on the corporate intranet in less than an hour.
Joel L. Sears – Fleet Technologies, Inc. / SITA Inc.

Es la mejor herramienta de integracion de Bases de Datos, asi como la mejor solucion para generar reportes sin necesidad de ser experto en IT.
Eduardo Mujica – Definicion Total

This is a really nice set of tools for interconnection to several different/same format DBs, they all appear in Dbxtra on a single panel, each in its own block, having a different name, but the blocks have the same appearance. You can then build a final query using any of the rows from the separate DBs/tables on the panel. The data pulled by the query is then supplied to a Data Grid, Pivot Table, Band Report, and Chart Designs.
Ray F. Bentch – Pro Data Research, Inc

We use DBxtra to allow our non-techincal users to report on the data in our SQL Server database. It has allowed users to get certain types of data on demand and not get stuck waiting for IT to create the report.
Mickey Langley – American Cancer Society

I would recommend DBxtra to anyone, it’s a great produce, excellent support and easy to use.
Nigel Brown – Puricore

You made a great program and we are glad to use it for our demands. Please continue with your superb work!
Stefan Tutlewski – Depesche GmbH & Co.KG

My number one thinking on reports!
Marco Kohns – Richter Aluminium GmbH

DBxtra has played an important role in the evolvement of our MI platform. If the product could serve as an OLAP client by consuming SQL Server Analysis Server cubes then DBXtra could play a more permanent role in MI platforms and become a contender in the BI \ OLAP space.
Calogero Cuccia – ArjoHuntleigh – Getinge

DBxtra is a wonderful, easy to use reporting tool. It allows us to provide custom reports for our users, connect to multiple databases, and schedule reports – “all without the need to hire a developer”.

Avner Barber – Jacques Moret Inc.

It’s a great report application, easy to use, very intuitive with a good cost -benefit. We don´t have opportunity to use it a 100%, but it’s a powerful application.

Julio Navarro – Prodcutos Farmaceuticos

DBxtra is one of the very stony reporting application of IT to provide the best services with the ease of centralized management. So it does not take a lot of staff to provide the necessary services to the user, especially for the user during installation or in the event of problems.

Agung Dwi – Cipta Mortar Utama PT

Our corporate standard for custom reporting has been Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) for over 5 years. Once they saw how quickly custom reports could be created in DBxtra they gave OK for our division. Custom queries that took hours to create in IEV can be created in minutes and sometimes seconds in DBxtra. The ability to drop in an existing SQL query have DBxtra create all the required sub-queries and links saved me hundreds of hours in converting queries I personally had to run for users into ones that deliver automatically through the scheduler or get run as required through the web service.

Robert B Willsie – ION Geophysical/Marine Imaging System Division

DBxtra has saved our business tens of thousands by allowing our IT department to create tailored reports without having to involve our business application software vendor. An IT staff with a sound understanding of their database structures and relationships will be able to produce business reports in hours rather than engaging a software vendor to create the report through normal software development procedures. Our remote users can access reports via the DBxtra Web Services from their smart phones, iPads, tablets and laptops, allowing them real time information when they are away from the office.

Daniel Rebich – SF&C Insurance Associates, Inc

Excelent product. We solve all report problems with DBxtra!

Ernesto – Collectania Brasil

Es una herramienta muy util, bastante facil de usar, ayuda a la gestion en sistemas que no cuentan con generadores de reportes propios.

Rafael – NDM SA

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